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About The Artist

My name is David Drake. I was born in Austin Texas, but grew up in Buena Vista Co. I graduated in 2015 from BVHS. I attended MSU Denver and UAA (University of Anchorage, Alaska). I started my art journey there. Beginning with charcoal and graphite sketches, that is where I found my love for art. I then progressed towards painting. My artworks consist of a lot of color and as much emotion as possible. I like to put myself into that mindset for the piece. Either feeling anger, ego, sadness, or loneliness. Some of my pieces are a display of emotion instead of me feeling that emotion during creation. Having both displayed is a great way to tell what different styles I use to create a certain piece. I hope you enjoy it and please make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook! Have a wonderful day.


Contact Information

Instagram: @ekard_pastelworld  --  @charcoalsketch_ekard  --  Email:  Facebook: @DDcharcoalart  --  @ekArdspastelworld

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